Manhattan Montage

Manhattan Montage

Preserving Your Memories With Style

Manhattan Montage

Preserving Your Memories With Style


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Love it! Thanks for working on this with me to get it perfect. I appreciate all your time and work. AB - Manhattan, NY

I think it came out fabulous. I have seen it, and I'm showing it this weekend! Thank you for everything and I will tell friends. ML - Manhattan, NY

My party was last night and I just wanted to tell you that my video was a big hit! Everyone loved it! Just thought you would like to know. Thanks again! JB - Manhattan, NY

The montage was spectacular!! I would be happy to pass your name on to my friends!! Thanks again was a pleasure working with you. NS - Teaneck, NJ

They are amazing! Their montage was definitely one of the highlights of my husbands 50th birthday party!  Fast, efficient, and very pleasant to work with! RL - Manhattan, NY

There is a rare sweetness in the way Manhattan Montage NYC captures and displays our most cherished memories. The artfully produced montages reflect a sensitivity and intimacy that brings me back to the moment the memories were created. The music is fantastic and is always perfectly matched to the montage. Thank you for your wonderful work. LH - Pasadena, CA

Manhattan Montage creates gorgeous montages, using great music and images that blend together so well.  I am super impressed by their work, a great super sweet product full of wonderful memories guaranteed to make you cry and at the same time delighted with the overall images. Sara B - Brooklyn, NY

The montage that you did for Evelyn's memorial service was one of the most beautiful and touching tributes I have ever seen. Thank you for the additional copies, whenever I miss her, I will watch the montage again and it takes me right back. Thanks for your effort! - GW, Mill Valley, CA

Stunning! The slideshow (montage) that you put together for my son's birthday was just perfect. The right mix of pictures, excellent pacing, you picked great music and the whole thing had a big finish before anyone started to get bored. Thanks for your tips and thanks for the great work! - LJ, Long Island City, NY

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